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Thanks for visit my website.

DDoing is illustrator in South Korea.

The meaning of DDoing is a compound word of ‘delight’ and ‘doing’.

I like draw something and illustration is my favorite method of expression. So It makes me delight.

I hope you too are delight with my works and my works will be used to give fun everywhere.

I’m illustrator not only draw illustration but also make almost kind of visual arts.

I studied western painting and contemporary art at art of university.

And I worked in post production studio (part of animation & VFX).

So if you ask to make 3d illustration or commercial visual art&design, media, motion graphic,

interactive art, photography and make some props, 

I can suggest and do that with colleagues in various fields.

Any suggestions and collaboration are welcome.

Please contact me on my phone or email.  ☞ CONTACT

Thanks again . Enjoy!

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